HORL - Walnut Rolling Sharpener & Magnetic Angle Support

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Solid walnut, diamond sharpening side and stainless-steel whetting side, immediately ready for use, handcrafted, made in Germany

Professional results with no prior knowledge. 
Thanks to the unique roll movement and perfect interaction of the Rolling Sharpener and Magnetic Angle Support (MAS), you can sharpen your kitchen knives gently and efficiently. The MAS automatically keeps the perfect sharpening angle of 15° to ensure minimum material removal and high-quality sharpening. Take a look at the perfect cut. We think you’ll be impressed.

Diamond Grinding Side
Industrial diamonds are harder than any regular knife steel and very long lasting. The #430 (JIS) grit is designed for the initial and finish grind.

Stainless Steel Honing Side
Smooths out the blade after sharpening and removes burrs. Only a few motions are required.

Magnetic Angle Support (MAS)
The MAS has two sides. Use the plane magnetic side for large knives for all normal to large knives and the graded magnetic side for small blades for knives that would be too flat to sharpen on the plane magnetic side.

When used for the first time, excess diamond particles may be shed until the disc is worked in. The disc quickly becomes very fine and thus reaches its regular, very durable usable surface quality. The time taken to sharpen a knife for the first time will vary depending on the condition of the blade before sharpening. First-time sharpening usually takes 1-5 minutes per knife. After that, your knife has “learned” the sharpening angle and resharpening is completed in a few passes.

  • No preparation, water or oil needed at all
  • You can also sharpen exclusive Japanese Damascus and European steel
  • The exact sharpening angle ensures minimum material removal for particularly gentle sharpening.
  • Sharpen as little as necessary for top sharpening results
HORL-1993 Rolling Sharpener - Sharpen different knives

HORL-1993 Rolling Sharpener - Sharpen different knives

Sharpen your kitchen knives easy, professional and fast. Every steel, even japanese damascus can be sharpened by the diamond covered sharpening plate. The Magnetic Angle Support constantly keeps yo...

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HORL Rolling Sharpener Tutorial

HORL Rolling Sharpener Tutorial

In This Video we show you step by step how the HORL Rolling Sharpener works. Questions & Orders www.horl-1993.de www.horl-1993.com

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